I’m Ijonas Kisselbach and somehow you’ve reached my blog at ijonas.com. So I thought it best if I give you some background information on who you’re dealing with.

I was born in April 1972, in Holland to a Dutch mother and a German father. I spent my early childhood in Southern Africa (Rhodesia and South Africa) before emigrating back to Holland in 1982.

I went to high school at the European School Bergen in Holland and San Diego High in the USA. I got a Bachelor’s from the University of Glasgow in 1995 after four years of partial effort having made things difficult for myself by enjoying my first year too much.

Spent the time since 1995 working in IT in Scotland in various guises - programmer, technical architect, head of development, failed chief technology officer (CTO), succesful CTO, and now Senior Product Architect.

I’m a cofounder and CTO at EmergeAdapt responsible for the product strategy of our customer service-focused case management platform, CaseBlocks.

I’m a founding member of TechMeetup in Glasgow, a gathering of geeks, entrepreneurs and anyone with an interest in tech - which I help organise.

I’m a proud father and loved husband. Kirsty, my wife, makes all that I do possible and I love her for it.

You can find links to most of my social network activity by visiting about.me/ijonas. Feel free to connect, I won’t bite.