Rainy Days is an Amazon Alexa skill thats available from the Alexa Skills website. It answers a simple question with great accuracy and foresight, namely:

Alexa, ask Rainy Days is it going to rain today?

For support email [email protected]


The Rainy Days skills is Copyright (c) Ijonas Kisselbach.

Terms & Conditions

You agree to use the Rainy Days skill at your own risk. I make no warranties. I reserve the right to withdraw the skill in future. I reserve the right to make changes to the skill.


I do not collect any of your personal information. The skill can request your post code if you’ve given permission via the Alexa app. The post code is used to lookup longitude and latitude for which the weather is subsequently retrieved.

The skill does not store your postcode in any databases. I cannot identify you in anyway by your postcode.