About Me

You've arrived at the personal website of me, Ijonas Kisselbach. Here, in time, you'll find a bunch of my writings and personal projects.

I'm the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Caseblocks - a software company that helps customers automate the hell out of their bespoke business processes.

Graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1995, I started my career as a programmer working on point-of-sale systems and learned my trade in the late nineties - architecting Siebel systems.

Since then I've spent the last two decades (sigh) building software products for a number of Scottish startups, including Caseblocks. I experienced the rise of Java in the enterprise, had my mind-blown by Amazon Web Services in 2006, and discovered the sheer joy of programming with Ruby On Rails a few years later.

These days, as co-founder of a software company, I wear many hats. Somedays its customer service & support, other days its product design and architecture. Sometimes I'm blessed with no meetings, no phone calls, and I get to enjoy the creativity of coding.

I live in Glasgow, Scotland with my amazing wife Kirsty, our two kids, and dog.