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Easiest way to buy Bitcoin in the UK

Its March 2021, and the easiest way to buy Bitcoin in the UK from a standing start is through an app called Bottlepay.

It’s March 2021, and the easiest way to buy Bitcoin in the UK from a standing start is through an app called Bottlepay.

You can be up and running with some Bitcoin in your wallet in 5-10 minutes from now.

After signing up with Bottlepay, the app will connect to your banking app and instruct it (with your permission) to send say £25 to Bottlepay. The £25 will appears in your Bottlepay wallet app a couple of minutes later.

(Don’t know what a Bitcoin wallet is? Find out here.)

At this point, you can either spend all of your £25 in one go or buy a little every day. Luckily, Bottlepay takes care of regular Bitcoin purchases too by letting you set up a daily or weekly schedule.

First, download the app from the app stores

Once installed Bottlepay will ask you for details. Similar to setting up a bank account, you’ll be asked for name, address, and photo ID – however, there are no credit checks involved.

Once your account has been verified you can add Pound Stirling funds by clicking the Fund button from the GBP Account screen. Choose Open Banking, select your bank from the list, specify an amount, say £25, swipe and authorize the transaction, and 30 seconds later the money is in your Bottlepay wallet.

Bottlepay wallet showing empty GBP account
Click the Fund button to transfer money into your Bottlepay wallet.
Funding Type Selection
Select Open Banking.
Tranfer £25 from Santander
Enter for example £25 and swipe right.
£25 arrives in your Bottlepay wallet
£25 arrives in your Bottlepay wallet. Time to buy some Bitcoin

Next, to buy some Bitcoin hit the Trade button and choose “One-time only”. Enter £25 or a smaller amount and swipe to get your Bitcoin.

Trade £25 into Bitcoin
Ka-ching, you own Bitcoin.

And that’s it!

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