Tools & Processes for fixing a Website.

Its been a busy week at EmergeAdapt HQ. We'd discovered that our website wasn't performing anywhere near as good as it could be performing, both speed and 'crawlability' needed improvement.

You can rest assured that if you've got an SEO issue there's a flotilla of tools and products out there help you improve your site rankings etc. Most of these tools are overcomplicated, crawl your site once a week, don't really help you get off the ground quickly.

The EmergeAdapt web team needed access to information in report format that would help us blast through all the issues and fix the site. So what does any self-respecting software company do?

Ignore the rest of the world, and write another tool.

I actually think thats often faster than wasting days signing up to and evaluating new SEO tools.

So I'm releasing SEO Site Check as a free-to-install open-source alternative to all the paid-for nonsense that is out there. You'll to need be comfortable with typing two commands into a terminal window, but in return you'll get fast results helping you iterate quickly over the core SEO issues of any given website.

SEO Site Check will help you

  • list all the crawlable pages
  • broken links
  • links that shouldn't be there
  • links you thought you had removed
  • list the title tags for each page
  • list all H1 to H6 tags for each page

The source code is simple and expandable and should allow you customise the report to your own needs.

I'll keep iterating on it in the weeks to come. Let me know if you find it useful (or don't :-).

For more info see the SEO Site Check GitHub repo.